Family Overview

The Karelitz family of this website consists of the descendents of Zundel Karelitz and his wife Leah. We estimate that Zundel lived during the very end of the 18th and the first half of the 19th centuries. (The oldest grandchild is probably not before 1840. There are grandsons with the name "Zundel" born in 1858, 1862 and 1868.) He came from Kosow, a town in modern-day Belarus.

The Eight Branches

Zundel and Leah had eight children, which are shown (with spouses) in the chart below.

Descendents of Zundel Karelitz

Reference codes

Each person in the chart is identified with a reference code. These codes come from the original family album, where Samuel Karelitz identified each person using a modified Henry system code. The eight children of Zundel Karelitz are referenced with the letters A-H, and form the eight branches (A through H) of the Karelitz family tree. Descendents of these branches are given a reference code which is their parent's code plus a digit indicating which number child of their parents they are. For example, my great-great grandmother, Gittel Karelitz, is G. My great grandfather, Jacob Kosowsky, her fourth child, is G4. My grandfather, Samuel, Jacob's fifth child, is G45. People marrying into the family get their spouse's code plus the letter "a" if they are the first spouse, "b" if they are the second, etc. Thus I am G4512 and my wife is G4512a. In the case where both husband and wife are part of the tree in their own right, children follow the husband's numbering, but the wife is still referred to by her (maiden) code.

People in the photos of the family album are identified with these codes.