Credit for the content of this website belongs with the genealogists of the Karelitz family. They are:
pic of Samuel Karelitz
  • Samuel Karelitz [E21](1872-1965) cataloged the family in his family album. He essentially traced the descendents of his great-grandfather, dedicating a page to each of his cousins and their families (more for bigger families). This work was done in the years before World War II, but had some updates even in the 1940's. A reasonably impressive work for its time, but more than half a century later, it's a family treasure. His work is the primary source for the content of this website
  • Dr. Neil Rosenstein is a physician from New Jersey, and on the side is one of the world's foremost experts on Jewish / Rabbinical genealogy. He is the author of The Unbroken Chain, which traces the great Katzenellenbogen family. While not a member of the Karelitz family, he researched it in 1980's as part of a larger work he is producing on the Epstein family, within which the Karelitz family falls. His contributions form an invaluable bridge between the generations of the original family album and those of today. He contributed to the content of this website.
  • pic of Seth Kosowsky
  • Seth Kosowsky [G4512] is a physicist by training, and lives with his family in Sharon, MA. He is a great-grandson of Samuel Karelitz (E21 above). He was bitten by the genealogy bug around 1993 (largely influenced by the above people) and has yet to find a cure. He collects relatives (as his family puts it) in his spare time.
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